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House Manifest

Residential Accelerator for Digital Entrepreneurs

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Chiang Mai, Pattaya in Thailand    ‣   October - November


For Season 3, we're heading to Thailand!

October 3-31: Chiang Mai

November 1-30: Pattaya

We’ve chosen Thailand for its beauty, delicious food, and soul-uplifting vibes.

At our beautiful houses, you’ll have plenty of space to co-work and co-create new possibilities with fellow members. Words don’t do these cities justice how epic the vibe is. So we’ll let the photos do the talking :)

Beyond the epic house itself, the real value of House Manifest lies in what happens at the house with your new friends.


To borrow a member's word, House Manifest is an "awakening experience where you discover new dimensions of yourself, a new home, and a new way of living where you work, travel, and build a life-long community all in one go".


Your time with us in Thailand will be filled with a ton of laughter, introspection, and growth - and we'll document your journey with us.


It'll be one to cherish for a lifetime. Get involved!


Every morning, you’ll be invited to join a rise meditation and workout session: yoga, lifting, jogging.

Over breakfast, you’ll be asked by an house member to unpack your wild ideas and stories from the previous night and share how you’ll execute your vision.

Throughout the week, you’ll have quite a few spontaneous coffee chats, or perhaps a cheeky picnic down the street.

Member Manifest 

Evenings and weekends are when the entire house unites for focused community events.

Mondays, you’ll watch a fellow member teach our community what they’re passionate about, bringing all of us into their world for an evening in a speaker series format.

Community connection

Tuesdays, you’ll play a variety of interactive games designed to strengthen our community’s understanding of each other, like Hot Seats, Human Book, and DMC. These activities will enable us to better support one another on our growth journeys.

Sharing Circle

Wednesdays, you’ll gather with us in a sharing circle. We’ll meditate for a few minutes to center ourselves. Ahead of the sharing circle, you’ll be given a thought-provoking topic to mull over. Everyone will then share their thoughts on the topic, prompting new discoveries in fellow members and yourself. This is how we move the community forward.


Weekends are all about being active. We’ll explore hidden gems of our new city or take a spontaneous trip further out to exciting destinations.

Expand your mind

Throughout your stay at House Manifest, you’ll be invited to stretch your comfort zone and expand your mindset through our structured activities. Or it could be us throwing you a curveball question amid discussion of your entrepreneurial and personal ambitions in front of a camera.

What happens at HM


When you arrive at House Manifest, you'll meet 10+ visionaries equally ambitious, curious, and eager to explore a new self, community, and home.


You’ll meet 10-15 open-minded digital entrepreneurs (startup founders, investors, content creators, musicians, coaches) who you’ll live, work, and travel alongside with.

Soon, you’ll call them brothers and sisters.


You’ll participate in activities designed to break down barriers, expand your mindset, and build deep meaningful connections with yourself and community. With the help of community, we’ll help you manifest your wildest dreams.


We’ll be documenting our collective journey as we explore a new lifestyle, build a tight-knit community, and discover a newly evolved version of ourselves. You’ll be going through massive transformation and we will capture those moments for you (and offer you free photo and video content).




We are always looking for new ideas, but more importantly, for those who have them. If you are interested in collaborating with us, we look forward to hearing from you.


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4 weeks



Houses and Pricing

Chiang Mai


Prices include a spacious private room with a queen size bed and an ensuite private bathroom, and much more.