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House Manifest

Residential Accelerator for Digital Entrepreneurs

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Business Growth

If you want to go far, go together. Co-manifest your wildest professional and personal dreams with a genuine network that deeply cares about each other and understands that we’re all in this together.




Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the universe. Elevate your subconscious and those around you by learning about love, energy, the egg theory, hypnotherapy, and more.


Personal Branding

Deep meaningful conversations. Eureka moments. We film and photograph your journey of transformation in your new home with your newfound family. Build an authentic personal brand effortlessly.

What we do.





Being a mission-driven entrepreneur can be lonely. We provide a genuine support network via an environment that enables you share your journey authentically. It’s a transformative experience you’ll cherish forever.

A home for digital entrepreneurs to grow together

At House Manifest, you live, work, and grow alongside other growth-minded world builders for 1-3 months in a soul-uplifting house. You’ll be guided to look into your deeper self, discover your higher purpose, and manifest your vision with your new family.

Join us in Thailand!

For Season 3 of House Manifest, we'll welcome you in Thailand.

We'll first stop by Chiang Mai where we'll spend the month of October embracing its epic temple vibe and getting to know each other while enjoying the burnt orange sunset every day.

In November, we'll soak in the tropical vibe in Pattaya. We’ll be living in a 3 story Lakefront Mansion that has everything we need to fully immerse ourselves in spiritual and professional growth as well as building lifelong friendships and partnerships.

Founder, House Manifest

Stephen Choi

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Marketing, House Manifest 

Silvia Milantoni

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Holistic Mindset Coach

Jan Trautwein

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Founder, Olokun Minerals

Lacey Reddix

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Are you looking for a life path better aligned with your vision? Are you just looking for an unforgettable and transformative journey?

Find it here, with us.

A global tribe on a growth journey

Who are we?

Startup founders, digital creators, mindset coaches... Beyond our job titles, we're united by our vision of improving the world together and helping each other manifest our wildest dreams. Say hi! :)

The fact that everyone goes out of the way to get to know others, understand who they are and what they're like on a deeper level, and share what they're going through: this is something I've never experienced before. 

Emma Cheung

Head of Marketing, Omnipresent

House Manifest is a community that's equally focused on professional and personal development. 

Every member has this philosophy of life of I'm ready to open up, I'm ready to meet new people, I'm ready to contribute to the community.

George Pickett

Blockchain Developer

I learned something from every single person that walked through the door. 

Nobody was the same. But at the same time, we had the same energy of curiosity and being open to understanding other people different than us.

Lacey Reddix

Founder, Olokun Minerals

Words from Our Members